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TGI Fridays™ - An iconic global brand and culture with a trusted formula for success

From signature Loaded Potato Skins to legendary Jack Daniels® sauce, TGI Fridays™ take real American flavours and make them different. TGI Fridays™ is an American Bar and Grill, a Social Hub for adults and families, an incredible dining experience with unique menu developed after decades of experience in casual dining.


Since its opening in New York (USA) in 1965, TGI Fridays™ quickly became the meeting
place for local lovers of wild nights and family fun times. Built upon a legacy of great food, inventive drinks and big fun, TGI Fridays™ has become a favourite place for friends to meet and enjoy a casual dining experience. It is famous worldwide for its signature dishes such as Fridays Wings, Loaded Potato Skins, Jack Daniel’s Grill®, authentic NewYork Cheesecake and Signature Margarita.


TGI Friday’s operate franchised stores in the US and Internationally, as well as their own equity owned units. The brand continues to adapt to help further growth – Post-pandemic environment provides an ideal opportunity for small-format growth with potential in airports, travel hubs and seasonal locations. This facilitates a great opportunity for franchisees.


TGI Fridays aim to offer differentiation in the market, extend their reach and connect with new customers, whilst ensuring an engaging and highly effective relationship with employees.

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Country of origin: USA

Total stores: 694 (as of end of 2022)

Total contries: 51

Brand Value proposition

  • Authentic American bar & grill
  • The favourite casual dining experience
  • Award winning bartenders, craveable food and hand crafted innovative cocktails
  • The essence of Friday night!
TGI Fridays™ history
TGI Is Formed

First location is opened in NY by Alan Stillman, a perfume seller, with TGI standing for “Thank Goodness it’s Friday!” 


The first franchised TGI Fridays is opened 


Company is acquired by The Carlson Group

UK Entry

First TGI Fridays opens in UK

Target Demographic Change

Company makes families key target demographic

TriArtisan Capital Partners

Company is bought by the TriArtisan Capital Partners 

After being sold to Sentinel Capital Partners and Triartisan in 2014, Triartisan buys the remaining stake from Sentinel in 2019.

Every Fridays has its own unique personality, design and flair.
  • Flexible floor plans provide many options that take full advantage of available space, from 220sqm to 450 sqm.
  • Every guest has the beast seat in the house.
  • Everyone knows a Fridays when they see it, but you’ll never see the same Fridays!
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Currently recruiting franchisees in the following markets:
  • TGI Fridays are looking for franchisees and strategic partners in all new regions and geographies
Franchise Profile
  • Experience in the restaurant/food industry
  • Proven success opening and managing a
    restaurant in your desired country
  • Knowledge of the local market and real
    estate sector
  • Financial capability to build multiple units
Franchisor support
  • Comprehensive training resources from all levels of franchisees’ organisations and all areas of business
  • Support new-hire training program and extensive management training for store leaders
  • Franchise support with site selection, design and development
  • Strategic sourcing, marketing and
    business development
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