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3 Brasseurs - Brewing Good Times!



3 Brasseurs offer brewed on site beer, with a microbrewery and brewer in each restaurant, guaranteeing high quality and fresh products.


The restaurants are designed and built with the inspiration  of the brand’s old factory. The wooden chairs and stools in a bistrot design, padded benches, pendant lights, and chessboard tiles on the flooring all remind the customers of the company’s history and the craft way they make their beers.


The menu and food offering contains a mix of traditional comfort foods and local dishes, that are high quality but, importantly, value for money for the customer.


3 Brasseurs is part of Agapes Restauration group which manages 400 restaurants across 5 brands and 5 countries.

Country of origin: France

 Total stores: 83

(66 in France, 15 in Canada, 2 in Brazil)

Brand Value proposition:

– Unique craft beers brewed on site in front of the customers 
–  Generous and tasty french-inspired food offer 
– Friendly atmosphere reminiscent of the old bistros in Northern France
3 Brasseurs history


3 Brasseurs was founded by the Bonduel Family, in Lille, France


The Mulliez Family acquired the brand


The brand, as part of the Agapes Restauration group, are present in 3 countries (France, Canada and Brazil) 


84 stores open, globally


800 m2 – 260/300 seats

Leisure area – High traffic mall – Major city center

600 m2 – 200 seats

Catchment areas of Mid-sized cities

 400 m2 – 150 seats

Suburbans / Small city center

Franchise Profile
  • Entrepreneurial: Multi-unit operators with proven successful track record


  • Experienced in food industry: Restaurant experience as owner / operator (5 years min)


  • Well connected to real estate market and  local partners


  • Capitalized: Financially capable of opening several 3 Brasseurs restaurants


  • Well structured: Able to dedicate an existing infrastructure to the expansion of the brand


  • Passionate about people,  hospitality, and beers !


Franchisor support

Knowledge and Training


  • Initial training for Master franchisee support team and operation teams

  • Specific support for the first 3 restaurant construction works

  • Regular brand evolutions: food and beer offer, marketing plans, new concepts and services.

  • Assistance through regular touchpoints, business reviews and on-site visits

  • Best practices sharing between the countries


Supply Chain and Procurement


  • Sourcing of all specific needs (brewery supplies, furniture and decors, branded glasses, etc.), plus support with liaising with 3 Brasseurs suppliers

3 Brasseurs are looking to expand on their currently operated regions.


Market trends show great opportunities in Europe and other continents within the microbrewery and restaurant industry.


No significant, direct competitors that operate as a chained microbrewery and restaurant.

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